Power Outage Emergency Backup Bag

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Don’t let a power outage leave you in the dark. Alpha Romeo Power Outage Preparedness Bag is your go-to kit for staying illuminated and connected during blackouts. Thoughtfully assembled to ensure you have light, power, and essential supplies, this bag keeps you safe and comfortable until the lights come back on.

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Power Outage Emergency Backup Bag

Stay illuminated and connected with the Alpha Romeo Power Outage Emergency Backup Bag. This kit is designed to keep your essential devices charged and provide light during power outages, ensuring your safety and comfort until power is restored.


  • Lighting: LED lanterns, flashlights, and emergency candles w/ waterproof matches.
  • Power Solutions: 600W portable generator, Portable solar panel, hand-crank radio with phone charger, power bank.
  • Food and Water: Non-perishable food items and water pouches.
  • Comfort and Safety: Thermal blankets, first aid kit, and a survival whistle.
  • Additional Tools: Multipurpose knife, duct tape, and heavy-duty gloves


    • USB Stick 30gb drive (Offline Survival Guides)
    • MRE -1
    • SOS Emergency food ration bars- 9 Bars
    • Survival Tabs -60 Tabs (3 day supply)
    • Emergency drinking water- 10 (4 oz pouches)
    • Water Purification Tabs – 10
    • Water Quality Testing Strips – 10
    • Portable generator (600W)*
    • Portable 6 panel solar charger (80W)
    • Solar Crank Radio Flashlight Phone Charger port
    • Baofeng radio (model may vary) *
    • Collapsible LED Lantern
    • Emergency thermal blank
    • Emergency Wet Weather Poncho
    • Thermal Tent shelter
    • Headlamp Flashlight LED Motion sensor
    • Emergency Candles
    • Waterproof Matches
    • Duct tape
    • Gloves (Heavy duty)  2 pair
    • Chem lights
    • Compass
    • Bottle Holder
    • Whistle
    • Solar LED keychain Flashlight
    • Mini Keychain flashlight
    • 10 hour Hand Warmers 8 ea.
    • Trash Bag Biohazard
    • Muti-tool Shovel, Pick, Saw
    • Multi-Tool Knife
    • Pocket knife
    • Multi-tool card
    • Knuckle Ring
    • D-Link
    • Fire Starter Ferrous
    • Tesla Lighter
    • Wire Saw
    • Pen Light
    • Flashlight
    • Tactical Pen
    • Survival Bracelet compass whistle 550 cord
    • Signal Mirror
    • Survival Fishing Card
    • CPR Face Shield
    • Scissors heavy duty multi-tool
    • Torniquet
    • Gauze rolls
    • Gauze pads
    • Gauze Sponges
    • Band-Aids (S,M,L)
    • Splint
    • Blood stop powder
    • Pressure Bandage
    • Chest seal vented bandage
    • Alcohol prep pads
    • White Petrolatum
    • Burn gel
    • Sting relief pads
    • Ace Bandage
    • Self adherent tape

*Optional Upgrade- 600W Portable Power Station with 256Wh LiFePO4 Battery – High-Performance AC Outlet, Solar Generator for Seamless Outdoor Power

Why Choose Alpha Romeo?

When the lights go out, trust the Alpha Romeo Power Outage Preparation Bag to keep you prepared.

Here’s why:

Expert Selection
Handpicked essentials, from reliable flashlights to solar chargers and emergency radios.

Top-Quality Gear
Durable and high-performance items you can rely on during an outage.

Comprehensive Coverage
Includes light, heat, first aid, and water purification for all-around readiness.

Easy to Use
Organized for quick access, even in the dark, with clear instructions.

Trusted Brand
Relied upon by professionals and survivalists for quality and reliability.

Choose Alpha Romeo for a dependable, comprehensive solution to any power outage.

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